Friday, January 25, 2008

ESPN Responds...Sort of...

A copy of yesterday's Sports Media America story on Dana Jacobson was forwarded to ESPN. Following is the network's response:

Thank you taking the time to write.

Ms. Jacobson's inappropriate comments were delivered in the context of Notre Dame football and its Touchdown Jesus icon. They were wrong and inexcusable, and she was suspended from her duties. Her uncharacteristic behavior was not aimed at a particular religious faith. They took place at an adult-only roast that was not aired on any ESPN outlet.

We appreciate your giving us the opportunity to respond.

ESPN Viewer Response

Hmmm..."not aimed at a particular religious faith..." Well, there is only one particular religious faith that sponsors Notre Dame football and is responsible for the Touchdown Jesus icon. That's Roman Catholicism. Guess from now on everyone gets a pass based on the "adult-only roast" clause. In other words, if you say bigoted things in a private gathering, then that's more or less okay. Sort of like what happens at a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

She should be fired.

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