Friday, September 11, 2009

Raspy, Wimp-Voiced Rick Reilly Debuts as ESPN Anchor

So whose knob is Rick Reilly polishing at ESPN? After slowly but surely insinuating himself into their web pages—with his signature "alternative" semi-humorous reporting—and then launching his ESPN "Homecoming" sports interview show (which, let's admit it, is kind of gay), Reilly showed up tonight doing anchorman work. Putting up with Reilly's raspy wimp-ass voice on an occasion isn't so bad, but hearing him do the extended rundown of a baseball or football game is a crime against nature. So why, when there have to be many, many, MANY professional-voiced guys all over the country who could do that job better, would ESPN expose us to Reilly at the anchor desk? Is Rick "re-inventing" himself? (God help us.) Publishing his books and riding on his rep as sports funnyman and wry observer not paying the bills?

Bad move. He sucks. His voice is annoying, and not authoritative, and his lame-ass attempts at humor thudded.

Even a dumb jock might be better. And that's saying something.

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