Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OC/DC: Munchak Announces Appointments to Key Titans Coaching Slots

Caught this afternoon on The Zone, radio 104.5 FM: The Tennessee Titans’ press conference where head coach Mike Munchak presented new defensive coordinator Jerry Gray to the media. Gray sounded, uh, like a mediocre mind. Hate to say it, but that’s the vibe he transmitted. He even seemed to struggle with his cliches. Gray is a veteran position coach and former DC with the Buffalo Bills, where he actually had some statistical success. Let’s hope his performance on the field surpasses his rather halting responses at the podium.

The bigger news on the Titans front, however, is the announcement that former NFL coach Chris Palmer has been appointed offensive coordinator. Palmer, most recently a coach in the UFL, has been an assistant many places but also was head coach of the Cleveland Browns, whom he “led” to a dismal 5-27 record in 1999-2000.

Neither of these hires inspires any immediate confidence, but then the promotion of Munchak didn’t do that either. The Titans look to be in trouble, and with Jeff Fisher gone, we may be reflecting often in 2011 on just how important his leadership and decisionmaking were to the team’s past success.

Not that we don't wish "Munchie" well. Life goes on. But the season ahead could be a really long one.

According to 104.5 FM “3 Hour Lunch” co-host Brent Dougherty--the guy with the meathead voice who actually does a good job as the 12 noon-3 p.m. show’s point man--local Channel 2-WKRN news anchor Christine Maddela Tweeted an ageist remark about the 60something Palmer. Something about his bedtime, thus necessitating an earlier-in-the-day scheduling for the Titans press conference.

Uh...that’s pretty interesting, if not downright shocking, since you’d think that a Hispanic female news lady--of whatever age--would be sensitive to bigoted remarks. You’d also think that a product of the famed Mizzou journalism program would be smart enough not to be posting ageist statements in a public forum. Which just goes to prove that there are more insidious bigotries out there than the racial kind. (We further note with no little irony that male hormone replacement providers are regular sponsors of 104.5 sports programming.)

Come to think of it, I saw Maddela last year at a TPAC theatrical event, and I was surprised at how, er, big-boned, she looked in person. Just being forthright and honest. Right, Christine?

I’m coming to the conclusion that Twitter is the refuge of the emotionally immature. It’s kind of like writing on the bathroom walls. Except attributed. Eeeesh...

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