Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Maryland, My Maryland: Terps Football Team Wraps Itself in the Flag

The reviews aren't all in yet. In fact, the verdict may remain out for a long while on the University of Maryland football team's new uniforms. In what might be considered someone's clever bit of conceptualizing, the Terps are now
essentially sporting the state flag of Maryland. It's a rad look, actually--especially the helmets--and the initial karma the uniforms brought was in the form of a season-opening 32-24 Labor Day victory over the Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes.

As a native Free Stater, I'm gonna give a thumb's up to the fashion statement. College football could use a little fun these days. Just ask Miami head coach Al Golden, who vacated his relatively successful tenure as head coach at low-profile Temple for the big-time environs of "The U," only to find unpleasant scandals and player suspensions mucking up his first season in Coral Gables. Too bad, because after enduring a bad rep for years, while often dominating the college football standings, the Miami program seemed pretty quiet recently, if only moderately successful on the football field. Now it looks like the Hurricanes get the worst of both. At this point, new uniforms probably wouldn't help.

But "You go, Terps!"

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