Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where’d They Play Their College Ball?

Everyone knows about big-name NFL QBs like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. There’s also Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer and Eli Manning, plus others with fairly high name recognition. Usually, guys like that have come to the pros after having attended a big-name university, like Michigan, or Tennessee, or Ole Miss, or USC. But there’s a passel of other NFL QBs, both occasional starters and bench-warmers, who attended lesser-known colleges unlikely to produce NFL signal-callers. It may be tough enough to remember who some of these guys are, but all of them are currently on NFL rosters. The stiffer challenge for you is, Can you match up their names to where they played their college ball? Answers below, but no peeking.

1. Joe Webb, Vikings                            a. Nevada-Reno
2. Tarvaris Jackson, Seahawks           b. UConn
3. John Skelton, Cardinals                  c. Tarleton State
4. Kevin O’Connell, Jets                      d. Fresno State
5. Tyrod Taylor, Ravens                       e. Coastal Carolina
6. Thaddeus Lewis, Browns                f. UAB
7. Josh McCown, Bears                        g. Va. Tech
8. Colin Kaepernick, 49ers                  h. Sam Houston St.
9. Caleb Hanie, Bears                           i. Idaho
10. Nate Enderle, Bears                        j. Arizona State
11. Dan Orlovsky, Colts                         k. San Diego
12. Luke McCown, Jaguars                  l. Alabama State
13. Dan LeFevour, Jaguars                  m. Duke
14. Richard Bartel, Cardinals               n. San Diego State
15. Josh Johnson, Buccaneers              o. Delaware
16. Rudy Carpenter, Buccaneers          p. Colorado St.
17. Tom Brandstater, Rams                   q. La. Tech
18. Josh Portis, Seahawks                      r. California (Pa.)
19. Pat Devlin, Dolphins                         s. Central Michigan
20. Tyler Thigpen, Bills                           t. Fordham

Answers: 1-f; 2-l; 3-t; 4-n; 5-g; 6-m; 7-h; 8-a; 9-p; 10-i; 11-b; 12-q; 13-s; 14-c; 15-k; 16-j; 17-d; 18-r; 19-o; 20-e.


Henry Nichols said...

I got all but two of these right on the first try =)

Martin Brady said...

pretty darn good, H. can't say I'd've done as well.