Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cherchez La Femme: A Picture of Kendra Davis

In the whole vast configuration of things, the Antonio Davis incident in Chicago last week seems pretty stupid. What New York Knick Davis did—entering the stands to "protect" his wife—seems kinda stupid. Whatever his wife, Kendra, was doing in the stands—Whooping it up loudly? Mouthing-off to Bulls fans?—seems kinda stupid. And the action taken by Bulls fan Michael Axelrod—threatening a million-dollar lawsuit, then asking for a public apology and Davis' donation of money to his (Axelrod's) favorite charity—also seems stupid. (Axelrod, all of 22, comes off as particularly precocious in his reaction and demands. But should we be surprised? He's the son of David Axelrod, a high-profile and longtime media consultant to Democratic candidates. Axelrod Sr. has strong political connections both locally and nationally.)

I'm very happy to forget that this stupid thing ever happened, which is probably why I wasn't moved to write about it in the first place. But what I didn't see during the media coverage of the flap was a picture of the fair Kendra. We present one now, copped from an old Web site of the Toronto Raptors, for whom Antonio played from '99 to '03. It looks like Kendra was doing a media report of some kind. At least someone was putting her mouth to good use.

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