Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where’d They Play Their College Ball?

I guess most football fans can tell you right off the bat where Vince Young played his college football (Texas). Or Peyton Manning (Tennessee). But unless you’re a total geek about this stuff, it can be a fun challenge to test the backwaters of your memory. Some of the NFL QBs listed below aren’t that long removed from their alma maters. Others are getting pretty long in the tooth. But all have seen serious action this season, as starters or subs. Take a break from your routine and see if you can match ‘em up. Answers below, and no peeking.

1. Sage Rosenfels_______________A. San Jose State

2. Derek Anderson______________B. Purdue

3. Kerry Collins________________C. Marshall

4. Quinn Gray_________________D. Central Washington

5. Steve McNair________________E. West Virginia

6. Damon Huard_______________F. Oregon

7. Patrick Ramsey______________ G. Central Florida

8. Cleo Lemon_________________H. Washington

9. Daunte Culpepper____________ I. Penn State

10. Joey Harrington_____________ J. Alcorn State

11. Marc Bulger________________K. Florida A&M

12. Jon Kitna__________________L. Iowa State

13. Chad Pennington____________ M. Arkansas State

14. Drew Brees_________________N. Oregon State

15. Jeff Garcia_________________O. Tulane

1-L. 2-N. 3-I. 4-K. 5-J. 6-H. 7-O. 8-M. 9-G. 10-F. 11-E. 12-D. 13-C. 14-B. 15-A.

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